Let’s Do This: Second Semester at UIUC


(Photo of my roommates and I first day at UIUC)

As I sit here listening to Typhoon’s new album, Offerings, and reading linear algebra notes, it feels good to be back! There may be snow on the ground and I may have left a 70 degree environment to come here, but I am so excited for this semester!

Before I dive into my reasons why, let me discuss my amazing experience over break! First and foremost, I got to see family, including my mother and sisters, and friends that I have not seen in a long time. It was great to reconnect and experience moments with some individuals that will last a lifetime in my mind. Having the opportunity to go to Southern California and Southern Nevada made my break even more happier, as I was able to experience the outdoors more, which is something I needed so much. I had a great Christmas and New Year’s Day with my family, and I thank them for inviting me over and making the holidays fun this year despite the loss of my father. Last but not least, I continued to learn, meeting connections and learning more about analytics and blockchain technology. I have been working on a beer consumption analytics application for the last couple weeks in my spare time, and it should be done soon!

So now that I have talked about my break, I am going to give five reasons why I am excited for this semester:

  1. Courses: I am taking Computer Architecture, Numerical Methods, Data Structures, Blockchain Security, and Probability and Statistics Two. I have not really been a hardware guy in my lifetime, but I feel like this course will help me develop a passion for hardware and programming components. In addition, I am excited to see how Numerical Methods will teach me more methods of computation, and I get to use Python and its glorious packages I use everyday! I am excited to learn more about Blockchain in the Blockchain Security course! While a hard course, I think that Stats & Prob Two will be interesting like the first course, and it will only help aid me in my journey to becoming a data scientist!
  2. Incorporating advice: I spoke with a few connections over break, and learned a lot of things about getting involved in blockchain, data science, and becoming a better entrepreneur. I cannot thank those people enough for the advice they have passed on to me, and it is going to go a long way to help me become a better person.
  3. Fitness & going vegan: It has taken me three attempts, but I am finally on a consistent fitness plan this time around! I am glad to get some exercise in my weekly schedule and improve my mental and physical being via the workouts I do. In addition, I am finally home, and can go completely vegan! While I am primarily doing it to improve my health, everyday I am getting more and more interested in animal protection and caring. I am apart of r/Vegan on Reddit, and it is interesting to hear some of the scary things that go on in the agricultural industry today. I believe the combination of these two things will go a long way towards making my health extremely better.
  4. Finding an internship: Now that my beer analytics application will be completed, I think that I will finally find an internship this semester for the summer! I have given reconsideration to return home to Chicago, and I do not think it will be a problem because I love Chicago in summer. It will be interesting to see whether I end up doing analytics or software engineering! Maybe I can still land something in the Greater Seattle Area, Portland, or California area, but I will be happy to return home this summer too because Chicago is a great city with great companies that provide endless opportunities. I cannot wait to learn from whatever experience I end up receiving!
  5. Experiencing opportunities: This university has so  much to offer opportunity wise, and I can not wait to take advantage of whatever I can! Whether it is doing projects for an RSO, working on a programming project with friends, relaxing to some good music, or reading a book, I cannot wait to experience these activities. I hope to finish assignments and studying sooner this semester so I can experience these things more often. It is always good to take time to wind down, and I  need to do more of that this semester.

Well if you want to start your day or end of the day off similarly to me, take a listen to Typhoon’s new album, it is the music I will share with you in this post:

Spotify Link to Offerings

Youtube Link to Offerings

Have a great day everybody!


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