Here is a list of projects I have worked on:

InvestigateYourConsumption (C++ Application):

GitHub Link: https://github.com/DanielDDore/InvestigateYourConsumption

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  • Developed an application to display and track yearly beer drinking statistics.
  • This application can help a user understand their drinking habits and see how much they consume in a given year and what kind of beers, breweries, and styles of beer they associate themselves with.
  • Utilized CSV files to import and export data efficiently.
  • Contained list of beers with vectors and used a hash table for the frequency counts of beers and breweries.
  • Displays total ABV consumption and ounces for a year, and also biggest month of consumption for the course of a year with how many beers drank, total ABV for month, and total amount of ounces for the month.

BigFiveBuzz (Android Application)

GitHub Link: https://github.com/DanielDDore/BigFiveBuzz

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  • Based on the “Big Five” tech companies, built an application for users to view stock quotes for the five companies, see articles about ongoing company news, and also a chatroom to discuss the companies’ activities and people’s interests in the businesses.
  • Used the IEX Trading API to gather real-time stock data for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. There is also a details activity that displays more stock information.
  • Utilized a recycler-view and adapter to update the stock activity in real time.
  • Created  a News Activity that utilizes the News API to gather Google News on the Big Five in real time.
  • Developed a chatroom for users to interact with one another and copy messages/links.

Seattle’s Restaurants (Android Application)

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  • Developed an Android application using Zomato API to display restaurants in Seattle.
  • Utilized RecylerView and RecylerViewAdapter to be able to refresh the content in real time.
  • Created a details activity that displays details about the restaurant and a map launcher button.

Visualizing Trump, Drugs, and Baseball (Python)

GitHub Link: https://github.com/DanielDDore/VisualizingTrumpDrugsAndBaseball

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  • Used Pandas library to make dataframes of large datasets to extract needed data.
  • Asked questions about the data and visualized it with tools such as MatPlotLib.
  • Utilized Jupyter notebooks to display my code and create a story about the data.
  • Developed analysis about Trump’s ratings, drug usage by twenty-one year olds, and baseball.

JaneStreetETC2017 (Bond Trading Bot) (Python)

GitHub Link: https://github.com/DanielDDore/JaneStreetETC2017

  • Developed a virtual trading bot.
  • Established a TCP connection and ran on an Amazon EC2 Cloud virtual machine.
  • Traded and sold bonds with the bot earning large profits.
  • Calculated a formula to predict the most profitable route for bond trading.
  • In the lightning round, ranked in the top ten.